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Love's Healing Touch, sweet Christian romance by Autumn Macarthur in the First Street Church Kindle World

Has that title got you humming the song? I know it has me! I’m so happy and excited to be part of the official launch  for the first ever Christian contemporary romance Kindle Worlds, based on Melissa Storm’s First Street Grove books!

After months of anticipation, today is the launch day!

It’s been enormous fun getting to know a diverse group of authors and working together to add to the town of Sweet Grove, Texas, as we write our stories.

I admit to not knowing much about Kindle Worlds before this project started. I knew it existed, but that was all! Never occurred to me I’d ever want to write for it. But turns out, it’s worth taking a look at. You know that feeling when you finish reading a series and loved the place and the people so much you want more? Giving readers that “more” is what Kindle Worlds is all about!

When Amazon ask bestselling authors to create a “World”, those places and people from the original books become available for other authors to write about, as long as the stories are published only in the Kindle World.  New books are expected to stay true to the spirit of the original books. The rule for the Sweet Grove books is simple – stories must be clean, sweet, and ideally, Christian. Authors or aspiring authors – you can write for this World too! There’s one very excited first-time author in the launch group. If anyone wants to know more, just ask me in the comments.

So welcome to Sweet Grove!

Welcome to the tiny town of Sweet Grove, TX, where neighbors still care deeply about each other and the little white chapel on First Street is the heart and soul of all who live here.

It’s a simple life–a good life–yet many here are suffering invisible pains. From alcoholism to divorce, hoarding, and even suicide, the struggles are real but so is the God who loves this town and all its residents. Through the darkest of times and the deepest of tragedies, each day provides a new chance to find faith, hope… and even love.

That’s the official description.

It’s the sort of town many of us would love to visit – small, picturesque, and friendly. Above all, filled with people who have faith in the God who is far bigger than the biggest problems any of us face.

I do hope you’ll read and enjoy Love’s Healing Touch  my new book that’s part of the official Sweet Grove launch. Adam and Lainie  definitely struggle with problems to big for them to manage, though they believe they can, especially when life-changing events cause them both to lose their faith. But together, they discover God can manage anything, and support us through it all. They go through some tough times, make some wrong choices, but ultimately rediscover their faith in the God who changes lives!

Are their wounds too deep for love to heal?

When nurse Lainie Sullivan’s beloved father dies, she vows to fulfil his retirement ambition — visit each of the mainland US states on his classic motorcycle. Then an overnight stop in Sweet Grove, Texas, could stretch into weeks as she waits for repairs on her bike.
The warm welcome and uncomplicated faith of the townsfolk make this place feel like home, healing her faith — and her heart. As does working to repair her bike with Adam Davis, a wounded warrior, and her former patient.
But for Adam, a war still rages. Survivor guilt, anger with God, coming to terms with his disability. His worst scars aren’t on his body, but on his heart and soul. Can Lainie’s love help him heal, when soon she’ll be moving on?

There are twenty other sweet and clean romances in the launch. Most are Christian, though the levels of faith in the stories will vary. There definitely won’t be any sex, cussing, or taking the Lord’s name in vain in any! I will warn you that my book includes a scene set in a karaoke bar, but no alcohol consumption is shown, as neither of my characters drink.

I hope you’ll visit the Sweet Grove Books website and check them all!

Covers for all twenty sweet and clean inspirational romances in the First Street Church Kindle Worlds launch

One reader who comments on my Inspy Romance blog post (not here!) before July 26 will win a copy of the book!

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