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Changes for Huckleberry Lake!

This week, the three multi-author boxed sets including the books I’ve written so far set in Huckleberry Lake, Idaho, came to an end.  It’s always bittersweet, letting go of a set. Three at once wasn’t easy. Goodbye, Frosting & FlurriesPicnics & Promises, and Snowflakes  Snuggles. I’ve loved working with the other authors, Marion Ueckermann, Cecelia Dowdy, Jan Elder, Mary Manners, and Clare Revell.

But the sweet part is that now the sets are unpublished, I can finally release the solo ebooks, Calm & BrightImperfectly Proverbs 31, and Midnight ClearAs well, I’ve released a reduced-price trilogy boxed set, Come to the Lake, containing all three books.

And even sweeter, it’s not the end of the series, or the sets we’re working on together. We have another multi-author set, Somewhere Beyond the Blue, launching early next month. Something a little different, as all the lead characters are over sixty. Romance isn’t only for the young! As well as a candy recipe, all the books need to include some sort of travel by water.

I hope you’ll join me at Huckleberry Lake this summer!

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