Autumn Macarthur

Real romance, real faith!

That Sunflower Summer set reduced to 99c!

Faith, family, forgiveness, and falling in love!

The events of a fateful, long-ago summer in Tuscany reverberate across three generations of women. With God’s guidance, can they let go of the past — and find the happily ever afters they deserve? A life-affirming box set filled with romance, redemption, and healing!

My That Sunflower Summer set is reduced to 99c until April 27th.

Travel to England, Wales, and Tuscany as a 50-something opposites-attract couple find a second chance at love; 30-something friends and colleagues confess their hidden love; and a 50-something couple tangled in misunderstandings finally make their marriage of convenience real. Plus, in the bonus short follow-up novella, an 80-something widow reunites with her teenage love!

Sorry, the price is reduced in the US and UK only.

Author: autumn macarthur

I'm a USA Today bestselling author of Christian inspirational romances full of faith and hope, celebrating God's love as well as a man and a woman finding their happily ever after. I pray they’ll warm your heart and make you smile. An Australian transplanted to Britain, I live just north of London with my lovely but very English husband and a tribe of demanding rescue cats, in a small house with a tiny garden. For all my book news and a welcome gift ebook, sign up for my mailing list at

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