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The Wedding List – sweet Christian romance on Amazon now!

The Wedding List – new inspirational romance story released

I’m so happy to announce that The Wedding List, Book 1 in the Love In Store series, is now available on Amazon and has picked up a few nice reviews already.

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Awesome read. Romance, faith, forgiveness of self and others., and Class distinction. Love that the characters in this book show that class distinction can and should be demolished. They also show that only God can be ring this about. True love will win in the end.
James must learn to forgive his mother and Beth. Beth must learn to forgive Imogene and the bag lady. What a beautiful picture of God’s love to us regardless of what you think you are worth.


I was given the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book. As someone who normally does not generally read contemporary fiction or romance, but rather, lean toward espionage, thrillers and mysteries, I read the plotline, thought it sounded interesting and said yes, I’ll read it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossed I became in the story; the characters were quickly developed and the plot was logical. I appreciated the author’s writing skills, as well as the lack of glaring punctuation, grammar and spelling errors, which seem to abound in ebooks.

While the two primary characers, Beth and James may have come from different worlds, their similarities were numerous, even though they didn’t seem to always understand that. Without giving away the story, I’ll just say while at first theirs seemed to be an ill-fated romance because of outside forces whom I didn’t care for very much, it turned out Beth and James had their own misconceptions standing in their way.

I loved this book because it had humor, it had well defined characters, it had an interesting plot and it made me cry a couple of times, although they were tears of joy. Enjoy!


A delightful story. Beautifully written. Full of emotion, romance,warmth, charm and quirky humour. Just the thing to cuddle up with on a cool winter’s evening. Particularly enjoyed the description of London. Thank you Autumn for showing me the beauty of our capital city. Autumn has combined the romance itself with inspirational words seamlessly that for a Christian novel, it is spot on and not too preachy.

A debut from an author I cannot wait to read more from. Eagerly awaiting the next in the series so hurry up!


Even better, I’m not related to any of the reviewers, nor are they my besties, nor did I pay any of them! Genuine reviews to delight this writer’s heart.

Hard to say just how blessed I feel, but I know for sure that God is good!

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