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I’m Autumn Macarthur, a USA Today bestselling Australian author of Christian inspirational romance, living near London with my very English husband and five six spoiled rescue cats in a tiny home that’s a bit too small for all of us!

My ongoing challenge is learning the lessons God is teaching me via an uncommon neurological condition, chronic vestibular migraine. That makes life interesting!

I love to write deeply emotional stories to make you smile and remind you how big and wide and deep God’s love and forgiveness can be. My goal with every story is to serve God and bless you with a faith-based romance about characters who are as flawed and fallible as we are, who make mistakes, who aren’t as strong in their faith as they’d like to be, and who have lessons to learn about life, love, and following God. Every story gives a satisfying happily-ever-after to uplift and inspire you in your relationships and in your faith walk, celebrating the value of love, faith, and family; while acknowledging the issues we face as fallen-but-redeemed people living in a broken and imperfect world.

When I’m not wobbling around the garden, reading, writing, or feeding cats, I can sometimes be found on Facebook as Autumn Macarthur. If you need to email, it’s autumn (at) autumnmacarthur (dot) com . I love talking to readers and other writers, so please get in touch.

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For more about what I believe as a Christian (just the basics, far from all-inclusive or the page would go way too long!), please visit my “What I believe” page. For a longer story of how I came to love Jesus and call Him Lord, read my testimony here.

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Inspirational romance author Autumn Macarthur

My wedding day!

Photo of Christian romance author Autumn Macarthur's naughty tabby cat

That quilt is supposed to be drying on the airing rack, not being used as a cat bed!

Our blind Baby, and Gremmie, the naughtiest kitten ever, who was in a pitiful state when he came to us.

Ginger and Beautiful Bree birthwatching at the window

Me with Zina, who loves to flop on my shoulder when I’m trying to type!