Autumn Macarthur

Real romance, real faith!

His Tender Mercy: Sweetapple Falls Book 4

He chose his addiction over their family too many times before. Can she believe he’s changed, and give him a second chance?

Life hasn’t been easy for elementary school teacher Petra McManus as a single mom. But when her husband’s gambling addiction risked not only their family’s finances but their safety, she had no choice but to leave him and return to her small home town of Sweetapple Falls. There, she has her mom, her sister, and her church to support her. She’s built a safe, secure life for her two children.

Accountant Mark McManus knows he made mistakes, huge ones. He nearly paid for them, not only with his own life but his kids’ lives. Rather than put them at risk, he stayed away. But now, with God’s help, he’s turned his life around. Paid his debts and left his gambling days behind him. He won’t blame Petra if she refuses to have anything to do with him. But he knows it’s time for him to try.

Can Petra forgive him, and trust that he’s a changed man? Especially when he thinks he’s left his past life behind, but his past life won’t let him go…

If you enjoy heartwarming, inspiring, and emotional Christian romance, don’t miss your chance to visit Sweetapple Falls! Each book is a complete romance set in the small Oregon town, where hope and healing, faith and forgiveness, and most of all, love, wait for each couple to find their heart’s home. In each other, in the small-town community, and in God.

Clean, sweet, and wholesome Christian inspirational romance from a USA Today bestselling author.

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