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Real romance, real faith!

Second Chance Protectors – a faster-paced trilogy of romance with suspense!

Couple running at sunset - cover image for Second Chance Protectors boxed set clean Christian romance with mystery and suspense
They’ll risk their lives to protect a woman in danger. But will they risk their hearts?

Something completely different for me! Second Chance Protectors, a co-authored series with my good friend Alexa Verde, combines faith-based romance with a strong element of mystery and suspense. If you enjoy your romance with a hint of danger and more than a hint of faith; if you enjoy strong, protective heroes; and if you enjoy feisty heroines who are equal partners to their heroes, chances are you’ll enjoy these books!

All three books are together in this discounted boxed set.
Also available to borrow and read free in Kindle Unlimited!

Read on to discover more about the individual books!

Book 1 Brett: Her Bodyguard
A brother missing, two children in jeopardy…

Security specialist Brett Jarvis and nanny Ashley Lamott have nothing in common—apart from both loving his twin niece and nephew. When his brother disappears, the children and their nanny are threatened. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect them and find his brother. But forced on the run together, attraction flares. The bodyguard will keep those he loves safe, but how safe is his heart?

Book 2 Colt: Her Reunion
His ex-wife is back. And she’s the target of a serial killer.

Physical attraction and shared love for their twins weren’t enough to keep scientist Colt Jarvis and his security specialist ex-wife together last time. But when the serial killer who almost murdered Mirabella once before threatens her life, Colt will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if it means falling in love with her all over again.


Book 3 David: Her Cowboy
A cowboy, a celebrity journalist, and a baby in danger…

When wealthy cowboy David King finds a baby in peril, the last woman he’d expect to help is serial dater and celebrity journalist Aster Andrades. As the danger surrounding them escalates, can David and Aster keep the baby safe – along with their hearts?
All available to borrow and read free in Kindle Unlimited!

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