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Heart in Hiding: The Blue Door book 1

Cover for sweet Christian romance Heart in Hiding by Autumn Macarthur
Can a temporary marriage of convenience to a homely but kind man give love, faith, and a new life to a actress hiding from her past?

On the surface, actress Micki Mason was half of Hollywood’s most glamorous couple. The reality couldn’t have been more different. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, her former co-star’s London wedding gives her a perfect opportunity to escape her cheating fiancé, her controlling mom, and her pushy manager. Hiding disguised as a live-in volunteer in a homeless shelter, using her real name, Shelly O’Brien, she’s found the one place no one would ever look for her.

To her surprise, she loves living like an ordinary person and getting a chance to help others. Okay, so she’s never stacked a dishwasher or swept a floor before? She’s a quick learner. And despite those disparaging remarks about glamorous Micki that she wasn’t supposed to overhear, Simon, the shelter manager, is the nicest, kindest man she’s ever met. Then she discovers her abusive ex left her with long term consequences to deal with.

Army veteran Simon Lewis gave up on romance years before and dedicated himself to managing an inner-city homeless shelter. There’s something that doesn’t quite fit about the lovely new Irish/American volunteer who hasn’t got a clue about the simplest tasks. But when she’s in desperate need of help, he follows God’s leading and doesn’t hesitate to offer a marriage of convenience to protect her and her unborn baby.

The last man Micki expected to fall in love with, in the last place she expected to find the happy home she’s never known, might just be the one who can cherish her hurting heart and show her how much God still loves her. But how will he react when he discovers the truth about her, the truth she hasn’t been brave enough to tell him?



Book 1 in The Blue Door, a series of linked but standalone romances set in a central London homeless shelter that’s a spin-off series from Love in Store. The Blue Door is a place supporting people hoping to start a new life. But often, that’s not just the residents! Join the staff, volunteers, and residents as they grow in faith, change their lives, and find unexpected love in this series of heartwarming and uplifting Christian romances.
Book 2, Last Christmas, is currently available to preorder as part of the Finding Love at Christmas multi-author set of 12 Christmas romance novellas, launching October 2024.

Uses British spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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