Autumn Macarthur

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More Than Friends – Catriona’s story: the Macleans Book 2

One summer’s day could change both their lives…

Catriona Maclean is determined to give the special needs children in her Edinburgh church a seaside day out. She’s a nurse, her older brother is disabled, and she knows just how tough that can be for a family. But when a last minute hitch means she must call on the man she’s been secretly in love with since her teens for help, only her promise to God will carry her through.

Alistair Murray has seen Catriona almost every day for the last twenty years. She’s a work colleague, his best friend’s little sister, one of the guys. They even went to Sunday School together. The last thing he wants is to spend his day off working on her project, but for Cat, he’ll do it.

Will a summer’s day at the beach, together with a dog and a busload of very special kids, be the miracle they need to show them they can be more than friends?

35,000 words, 150 paperback pages.

Like all my British set stories, this book uses British spelling and grammar. Includes British English Glossary.

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