Autumn Macarthur

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Nothing More: Love in Store Book 8

Cover image for London Christmas older couple sweet inspirational romance Nothing More by Autumn Macarthur

Is their marriage nothing more than a business arrangment?

Since their marriage-of-convenience turned sour, Lady Portia Tetherton-Hart and her husband Jack have lived separate lives for over thirty years. She has her English stately home to manage, he has his multi-million dollar American corporation to run.
But when a life-threatening diagnosis forces her to re-evaluate her priorities and their son’s wedding brings him back to England, Portia and Jack each have a chance to rediscover the person they married.
Can they trust God and each other enough to face the issues that drove them apart in the past, or will their marriage remain a business arrangement and nothing more?

Book 8 in the Love in Store series. Like all my books set in Britain, this book uses British spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Complete with British English Glossary.

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