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That Sunflower Summer boxed set

The events of one long-ago Tuscan summer impact three generations of a fractured family. Will they allow faith and forgiveness to heal their wounds and learn to love again?

You can read my three A Tuscan Legacy books as well as Least Expected, my book that triggered our original idea for the series, in this discounted three-book (plus bonus!)boxed set, also available in Kindle Unlimited!

Can such complete opposites find a way to make their love work?

When Maggie Golding, unconventional and artistic 50-something, agrees to help a friend by working as a window dresser at Pettett & Mayfields London department store, she never expected to fall in love with Edgar Pettett, staid and sensible heir to the business.

Nor did she expect that he’d still love her when she revealed her past, the consequences of that long-ago sunflower summer working in Tuscany. Her daughter, Rachel.

Between her shaky faith, their huge differences, and his mother’s disapproval, how can they possibly work things out?

BOOK 2 : DOLCE VITA (Sweet Life)
La dolce vita, a sweeter life of love, awaits Rachel. But can she accept it?
Rachel Golding is content with her uncomplicated life in Wales, until the trip to Italy to meet her Italian grandmother for the first time stirs unwelcome emotions. Between her cousin’s accusations, her mother’s wedding, and her realisation she feels way more than she should for her best friend Jonathan, Rachel’s organised life is spiraling out of control.

Always ready for adventure, especially with the woman he loves, Jonathan Davies gladly accompanies Rach on a return journey to Tuscany. But now she needs his friendship and support more than ever, revealing his love is a risk he dare not take. Not without some sign she wants more. A sign she may never give.

In the haze of a sunflower summer, can Rachel learn to surrender her hurts and fears to God and so embrace the life He intends for her? La dolce vita, a sweeter life of love.

BOOK 3 : LA RISPOSTA (The Answer)
One marriage ends, as another begins. Or can faith and forgiveness bring a troubled couple back together?

When the harvest celebrations and a family wedding bring the entire Rossi family back to the villa at summer’s end, along with their new loved ones, the final secrets are revealed.

But can these secrets be forgiven, healing old wounds and mending broken hearts, or will the mistakes of the past be repeated? The future of a marriage about to crumble depends on the answer!

Too old for love?
Widowed Isabella Rossi is happy with her life at the villa. In the past year, all
her grandchildren have discovered faith and love, and huge family heartbreaks have been healed. But what about her?

When a beau from her teens returns to Tuscany, can the flame of love be rekindled? Or is eighty-something too old for romance?

Note to readers – Books 1 & 2 use British spelling and grammar!

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