Autumn Macarthur

Real romance, real faith!

The Macleans Four-Book Set

99c March 26 to April 1, 2024 (US & UK only)

With God, all things are possible. Even love…

Enjoy these Christian contemporary romances set in Scotland, where four siblings find their lifetime loves! Opposites attract, friends to love, enemies to love, workplace romance, mistaken identity, overcoming challenges, renewing faith – with help from God and their family, all discover their happy-ever-after in almost 1000 pages of heartwarming and uplifting reading.

Book 1: A Model Bride
Her trip to Europe wasn’t supposed to include falling in love with a wounded war photographer!

Book 2: More than Friends
They’ve been friends all their lives, but one day at the beach with a bus full of special needs kids could change everything,

Book 3: A Lesson in Love
Can two teachers learn God’s lessons in love, or will fears and secrets keep them apart?

Book 4: The Real Thing
He’s an embittered & grumpy cynic. She’s a perpetually cheerful Pollyanna. When he becomes her boss, they both need to learn what trusting God really means.

What readers say about these books:
★★★★★  A heartwarming story that captivated me from the beginning.
★★★★★ The first book I read from this author and when I was done with it, I couldn’t wait to read more!
★★★★★ Great characters—with realistic flaws and strengths.
★★★★★ Beautifully written, it will warm your heart and remind you of how much we all are loved!
★★★★★ I laughed at some parts, felt that warm fuzzy you get from a good romance…and teared up in several places. Happy tears.

Please be aware – these books use British English spelling and grammar, which differs from US English!

My prayer is that these four inspiring stories touch your heart, remind you of the power of love and faith, and bring you joy!

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