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The Real Thing: Brodie’s story – The Macleans Book 4

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He’s an embittered cynic. She’s a perpetually cheerful Pollyanna. They both need to learn what trusting God really means.

Disabled since birth, bullied as a child, Edinburgh author Brodie Maclean has no faith in God, or in human nature. He learned young that his best weapons are his sharp tongue and his biting honesty, and he doesn’t hesitate to use them.

When he’s forced to employ Flynn Ferguson as his housekeeper, it’s instant dislike. She’s too cheerful, she’s too loud, she’s too everything. Including distracting. How is he supposed to write with her around? Even always-look-on-the-bright-side Flynn finds it hard to be glad about her grumpy boss, apart from the little fact the generous salary he pays means she won’t be evicted. As soon as she can (“Tomorrow, please Lord?”), she’ll quit.

Neither intends to deceive the other, but only when they meet online, safe behind names that aren’t their names and photos that aren’t their photos, are they able to be their real selves and fall in love. Can they recognise the truth behind their false impressions before it’s too late?

You’ve Got Mail meets As Good As It Gets meets a mischievous ferret in this faith-filled Scottish enemies-to-love romance.

The Macleans, Book #4

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