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Love, London eight book set

For the first time, you can get all eight of my currently published Love in Store heartwarming romances set in London, Edinburgh, Paris, and Cambridge, in the one set, Love, London!

All the stories are linked to a grand old London department store and the people who work there.

Book 1: The Wedding List – When she meets her teen love, brillaint and wealthy physics professor James years later, can Beth accept the love he offers? Or will her fear, their opposing families, and class differences separate them again?

Book 2: Believe in Me – If fake dates with a Hollywood star in London at Christmas will help Scrooge accountant Cara save her staff’s jobs, she’ll do it. But believe that lasting love with Nick, her teenage crush, is possible? Never!

Book 3: Least Expected – Unconventional 50-something artist Maggie never expected that doing the Christmas window displays would lead to her falling for Ed, the staid heir to the department store. When they’re such opposites, it will never work!

Book 4: A Model Bride – Tiffany’s flown in from LA for a family holiday. A new love isn’t part of her plans, especially with Mac, a grumpy, wounded Scottish war photographer! But when he offers her the chance to have her dream New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh, can she refuse her heart’s call — and God’s leading?

Book 5: Forget Paris – American graduate student, Zoe, is in Paris on Valentine’s Day to prove romance is an illusion. So doing a psychological experiment designed to create feelings of love with Gabe, the handsome stranger she meets there, will be totally safe. But what happens when those feelings turn out to be real? And he’s her new boss?

Book 6: Invitation to the Ball – When David, the department manager she’s secretly crushed on for years, invites the shy store florist Ellie to partner him to a glittering ball, it’s a dream come true! But can she let love in, or will fear and doubt send her running at midnight?

Book 7: Teapots & Tiaras – The missionary doctor and bubby plus-sized saleswoman are complete opposites, only tolerating each other for the sake of their friends’ wedding. So why do their friends keep pushing Matthew and Anita together?

Book 8: Nothing More – Their marriage of convenience ended thirty years ago. Portia had her English estate to run, Jack had his American business. But when her life-changing medical diagnosis and their son’s wedding bring them together again, will they rediscover love?

Enjoy hours of delightful armchair travel with sweet and clean inspiring stories filled with real romance and real faith.

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