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Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day!
Unfortunately I have no memories of either of my grandmothers, as one died just before I was born, the other when I was a baby. But I have fond memories of both my English grandfather, who I only saw twice, and my Australian grandfather, who we shared a home with till I was ten.
He built the house we lived in, grew vegetables, kept hens, planted an orchard, and was a beekeeper. Growing up there was such an adventure! From waking up to see a wallaby (a smaller species of kangaroo) in our back yard, to the first taste of honey straight from the comb, to watching storms over the hills and the stars at night from the big verandah, I loved living with Poppy!
If you can, create a precious memory today! And if you don’t get that opportunity remember a precious blessing from the past.

And if you like reading Christian romances featuring grandparents, here are some suggestions!
The relationship of Maddie and her grandmother, Liz, is central to my story Calm & Bright (also part of the Come to the Lake boxed set!). Or there’s the entire multi-author series triggered by a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren – A Tuscan Legacy!

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