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Psalm 31:15 – Surrendering my time to God

Image of dandelion with Bible verse Psalm 31:15, from inspirational romance author Autumn Macarthur
I give the moments of my life over to You, Eternal One. 

Thank You Lord, for a new month full of new opportunities.

Please, in this new month, help me to use my time more productively, for You. My days seem to vanish one after the other with so little achieved to show for it.

Dear Lord, help me to see my time as a gift from You, entrusted to me for stewardship, to be used wisely. Show me the way You want me to use the hours and the minutes of my days. Help me to set the right priorities, focused on You.

It feels like there’s so much I need and want to do, pulled in so many directions by so many competing demands and distractions. Help me to see what is most important. Help me to always choose love, and to keep my eyes on You. Life comes from You. Love comes from You. Following You and doing Your will in my life is the most important thing, but too often the one that gets pushed to the side.

In this new month, please remind me You are with me. Thank You for Your love and support. Thank You that You never ever leave or desert me.

You are always there for me. All I need to do is ask.

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