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The Lord looks at the heart

God sees who we really are

Image of old barn and bicycle, with Bible verse 1 Samuel 16:7, from inspirational romance author Autumn Macarthur

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7 NIV

Lord, I’m so grateful that You see who we really are, yet You still choose us and love us. We don’t have to be perfect, beautiful, popular, or fit society’s expectations of who we should be, as long as we have a heart for You. Please, help me to see past external appearances to see the truth in others, and love them as You do.

I’m glad God gave me this verse today!

I feel so blessed that He sees past my unfashionable, overweight, middle-aged exterior and finds something to love in me. It reminds me to look deeper at the people in my life, and try to see them with His eyes.

It will work well as the theme verse for a story I hope to be writing later in the year, too, Book #6 in the Love in Store series. A famous actress on the run from a broken engagement to a rock star sees that the good and loving heart of the homely man who helps her is worth far more than fame, looks, or money.

I realised as I wrote that, it’s also perfect for the story I’m writing now, about a divorced couple rediscovering their love at Christmas. Married after a whirlwind romance, they separated because neither saw or appreciated their deeper qualities or true selves, and instead believed they’d fallen out of love. Now, they need to learn how to see each other as God does – looking at the heart, from the heart.

I hope God also blesses you with some lovely serendipity today!

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