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Forgiven, but not yet perfect

Ephesians 1:7 – in Christ, we are free

Image of green leaves with Bible verse Ephesians 1:7, from inspirational romance author Autumn Macarthur
In Christ, we are made free by His sacrifice. We have forgiveness of sins, by His rich grace.
Sometimes, the biggest danger we face isn’t things that are obviously wrong. They are easy to spot and sidestep. We don’t fall into those snares.

But there are so many sneaky insidious ways we can get tripped up. Things that look good. Sometimes, it even comes from other Christians. The blog posts and Facebook pages and Pinterest boards that unintentionally tell lies about the Christian life. The ones that give an image of perfection that no one can live up to. The ones that are always sweet and always loving and always kind.

The ones we compare ourselves to, and feel envy or resentment or depression about. The ones that make us feel we don’t measure up, that somehow we’re the only ones with messy lives. The only ones who don’t smile and love our way through everyday. The only ones who don’t always feel the joy.

Real Christians aren’t that image of perfection. We all mess up. We all have feelings we’d rather we didn’t. We all fall into temptation, just like everyone else. The one difference between a Christian and someone who isn’t, is that we know we can turn to Jesus, both for forgiveness, and for help to do it better next time.

But if we keep stuck behind the mask, of ‘everything’s fine’, of trying to fix ourselves by our own strength, we can’t get either. To be forgiven, we need to admit we failed. To call on God’s help, we need to admit we’re weak and can’t do it on our own.

He is there. For all of us, always.

All we need to do is ask.

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