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Image of man on hillside, with Bible verse Romans 14:33-36, from inspirational romance author Autumn Macarthur
Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant generosity of God, this deep, deep wisdom? It’s way over our heads. We’ll never figure it out.
Is there anyone around who can explain God?
Anyone smart enough to tell him what to do?
Anyone who has done him such a huge favor that God has to ask his advice?
Everything comes from him;
Everything happens through him;
Everything ends up in him.
Always glory! Always praise!
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Romans 14: 33-36 The Message

Lord, I know You are there, ready and willing to help and support me. But I’m still looking to do it my own way, such a chronic do-it-myselfer! 

In some things, DIY is good. I like learning new skills, having that satisfaction, maybe getting it done better and cheaper and nearer to what I want. When it comes to my spiritual growth, my DIY habit it gets in the way of me doing Your will. I feel like John Donne must have done when he wrote ‘Batter my Heart’. Maybe You need to get out the crow bar and force my heart open? Make me serve You more truly?

This “blow, breathe, and seek to mend” treatment You’re using doesn’t seem to be working!

Now I’m laughing and shaking my head at myself over that thought. Because again, I’m looking at it in my own timeframe and from my DIY/ I-know-best approach! I’m telling You how to fix me?

I know I can’t. I’m more like a toddler insisting “Me do, me do.” I only get in the way when I try to do it my way. Help me to trust that You know what You are doing, that the God who created heaven and earth maybe doesn’t need me to tell Him how He should run my life! 

Help me to step aside and hand it all over to You,Lord. Show me how I can cooperate better with Your plan instead of getting in the way. Help me to get out of Your way so that Your will can truly be done in my life. I do want that. I want to serve You and live as Your obedient child and do Your will. 

Thank You that You do know best, and that You are eternally patient with me!

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I'm a USA Today bestselling author of Christian inspirational romances full of faith and hope, celebrating God's love as well as a man and a woman finding their happily ever after. I pray they’ll warm your heart and make you smile. An Australian transplanted to Britain, I live just north of London with my lovely but very English husband and a tribe of demanding rescue cats, in a small house with a tiny garden. For all my book news and a welcome gift ebook, sign up for my mailing list at

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